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Gas reaches $6 per gallon in California, how high can prices go?

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( – With up to $6 per gallon in some areas, the price of gasoline is undoubtedly getting higher throughout the State of Califonia. How high can prices go?

At beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago, California residents were preparing for an increase in the price of gasoline, but that increase not only remained during the pandemic but to date the price also continues to rise and it seems that it will not stop doing so.

The recent conflicts between Russia and Ukraine have prompted several countries to establish a series of economic restrictions on Russia, which have caused a series of problems in the crude oil supplies, causing a worldwide shortage, which significantly increases the prices of the final product: The gasoline.

If we compare the price of gasoline today with the price of these same dates last year, we can notice an increase of almost two dollars, this is considerable since the average annual increase in the price of gasoline before 2020 was between .20 and .40 cents per year.

The state of California reported an all-time high price of $4.46 in November 2021, which was compared to June 2008 in which there is a record of a maximum of $4.49 per gallon, but this was not only there, 2022 started with an average price of $4.47 per gallon and to date has not stopped continuing to rise.

Many gas stations try to stay out of the base price by shortening their profits and keeping their prices as low as possible to the public, but some others still prefer to keep their profits stable and continue to increase prices considerably until they reach $6 per gallon of gasoline.

All this generates a lot of discontent from residents of the state of California, who report the great differences in the price of gasoline throughout the various regions of the state.

This is not only exclusive between regions since the difference is notable between gas stations close to others where a considerable difference in price can be seen between one brand or another despite the fact that the points of sale are a few miles away.

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