(VIDEO) Former Coco’s Bakery in Victorville Destroyed By Fire

VICTORVILLE, Calif. (VVNG.com)- Fire officials are investigating a fire at the old Coco’s Restaurant in Victorville Wednesday night.

At about 9:53 p.m. on February 8th San Bernardino County Fire was dispatched to the 15500 block of Park Avenue reference a hotel on fire. Upon arrival, firefighters discovered large flames and heavy smoke coming from the former Coco’s Restuarant which closed its door in March of 2015.

Since the restaurant abruptly shuttered the location has been a constant problem with transients frequenting the vacant business.

“Our biggest concern is that it’s frequented by local homeless and so that was our priority when we arrived on scene,” stated San Bernardino County Fire Captain David Burkart.

Firefighters called this incident a 2 alarm fire, meaning they brought in extra crews since another building sits right next to this old restaurant.

In total four engines, three trucks, one squad, one heavy rescue, one investigator, and three Chief Officers responded for a total of 23 personnel.

The former Coco's Bakery caught fire Wednesday night. (Gabriel D. Espinoza, Victor Valley News)
The former Coco’s Bakery caught fire Wednesday night. (Gabriel D. Espinoza, Victor Valley News)
According to Chief Burkart, “when the first engine arrived on scene they went interior to the building to try and extinguish the fire. When the first truck arrived on scene we sent them to the roof to establish ventilation so we can make the interior more obtainable for the firefighters. We proceeded to work and extinguish the fire.”

It took firefighters approximately 20 minutes to knock down the fire. Firefighters are expected to remain on scene for several hours for overhaul operations.

At about 11:45 p.m. firefighters cleared the building and confirmed no one was inside, per scanner reports.

Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire.

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