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Fontana woman nearly raped in her bedroom by a suspect just released from jail

FONTANA, Calif. ( — An 18-year-old woman woke up to find an armed suspect attempting to sexually assault her inside her bedroom, officials said.

The suspect, Flavio Hernandez, 20, of Rialto, was identified after police found a booking application at the scene of the crime for an inmate who had just been released from the San Bernardino County Jail.

It happened in the 16900 block of Pennard Lane in the City of Fontana on January 15, 2019.

According to the Fontana Police Department news release, the victim called 911 and said she awoke to a man in her bedroom trying to attack her while armed with a knife.

Deputies responded to the residence but the suspect had already fled.

Through investigation deputies learned the suspect first entered the home through the front door and stole numerous electronics and other items of value.

Police said Hernandez entered the bedroom of the 18-year-old female victim two separate times.

“After the first time, he left the residence with the stolen property placing it where he can retrieve it at a later time. He then went back to the residence with the intent to sexually attack the female victim. This is when the victim woke up finding Hernandez armed with a knife as he attempted to sexually assault her,” officials said.

The victim screamed for family to help her which made the suspect flee the scene.

“Investigators were able to identify the suspect after he dropped a booking application on scene. The booking application was from the San Bernardino County Jail he had just been released from, after serving a sentence for burglary where he was released early,” said police.

Investigators searched relentlessly for Hernandez, eventually capturing him without incident in the City of San Bernardino.

Hernandez was arrested and booked at West Valley Detention Center for Burglary with the Intent to Commit Rape.

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