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Florida Samaritan Offers Free Resources to Orlando Victims’ Families



Howard with "We are Orlando" logo. (Facebook)

ORLANDO, FL:( A local Florida man is donating his time and resources to help the Pulse nightclub victims’ families. The noble Christian West Howard found it in his heart to offer hotel rooms, his own rental property, airline flights, and funeral services free of charge or at least heavily discounted for the families of the victims.

“No parent or relative coming to bury their child will pay to stay here. We are Orlando. We are united,” an excerpt from one of Howard’s Facebook posts says. He is gathering as many resources and calling up as many businesses as he can for the cause. He’s going as far as asking for the mayor’s help to answer questions regarding Visas and gathering a support staff to assist him in taking calls and organizing everything to ensure the families have a hassle-free stay during this time of mourning.

For more information, you can contact Howard via his personal Facebook or his personal e-mail (provided below).

Information so far:

1) We have homes/hotels available for families as soon as tonight. Have them contact us through Facebook or email preferably ( No cost. Let us know how many people, how many days, etc.

2) Trying to secure free rental transportation for the families when they arrive. If you can help, call a rental company and let them know what we’re doing. No idea yet on how many vehicles will be needed or when.

3) Families of the deceased, if you haven’t done so already, please select a funeral home and contact them. There is a government fund available that they can tell you more about. It provides $5000 to the funeral services.

4) Jay from MetroState Special Services is working on obtaining a free or extremely discounted funeral escort service for us. His phone number is (407)808-6573

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the tremendous support so far guys. I love you all.

-Facebook post from Christian West Howard