Farmer’s market coming to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

The Southland Farmer’s Market Association will operate a weekly certified farmer’s market on the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center campus providing healthy and nutritious food to the community.

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors approved an agreement with the SFMA to operate the farmer’s market in front of the hospital south of the main entrance for one year.

When a patient is being discharged from the hospital or seen in an outpatient clinic, their medical provider educates them about their weight and healthy eating habits and the presence of the farmer’s market will reinforce those ideas. By hosting a weekly farmer’s market, visitors and patients will be able to purchase fresh, locally grown produce and artisan breads once a week. About 69 percent of adults who live in San Bernardino County are overweight or obese. The implementation of the farmer’s market will enhance ARMC’s commitment to promoting health and wellness as part of the Countywide Vision.

More details about dates and times of the farmer’s market to come.

source: SB County Wire

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