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Fall Back AND Check Your Fire Alarms on Sunday November 2nd



Most Californians have heard the term, “Fire Season” for years now. Fire season referred to drier and windier than usual months causing fire dangers to be temporarily elevated. In recent years California has been struggling through a severe drought making the last couple of years a non-stop fire season.

FALL_BACK_TIMEThis year firefighters in California have fought approximately 5000 fires when the average prior to this year was approximately 4000 per year.

With fire dangers being so high, causing the loss of homes, personal belongings and in some cases even lives we need to make sure we are alerted while there is still time to get ourselves and our families out of the home.

Since fire alarm batteries are supposed to be checked twice a year it is recommended that you do so on days of daylight savings time, which the next one this year falls on Sunday, November 2nd. If you have not already make it a tradition and an educational experience for your family. If you have a home escape plan now is a good time to review that, if not it is a great time to together plan one out.

The San Bernardino County Fire Department wants to remind you of the following:

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Choose smoke alarms that have features that are important to your family: dual technologies (smoke and carbon monoxide, dual sensor alarms, interconnected, hush buttons, or ones that can be tested using a flashlight or tv remote.

The main thing is to have WORKING SMOKE ALARMS. Smoke alarms that are properly installed and maintained play a vital role in reducing fire deaths and injuries. Besides your smoke alarms, make sure all your other fire safety equipment has working batteries, such as carbon monoxide detectors, flashlights, emergency radios, etc

San Bernardino County Fire Department reminds residents that when they change batteries in any of their household equipment to take the to a collection facility instead of placing them in the trash. For facility locations go to our website (