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Excelsior Charter School Incident Resolved, No Threat to Students

VICTORVILLE – ( On Monday, October 27th Victorville police department received a precautionary call regarding a safety concern from Excelsior Charter School in Victorville. The concern was raised when a student perceived portions of a conversation to be alarming.

The student went to the school with his concern and the school notified authorities so they could look into the situation. The school identified the students involved in order for the situation to be accordingly investigated. Authorities went to the students home to get his side of the story. “The parents and the student were very cooperative, and let officers check their home,” said Sheriff Ken Lutz.

The other student that reported the incident was also talked to in order to gain information as to what he felt was alarming. “It was mostly just poorly chosen words, we definitely want kids to come forward, he did the right thing,” said Lutz. “With the climate of our state and country I understand how he perceived it the way he did”, he continued to say.

After speaking with all parties involved it was determined that there was no threat to the students. The school is now handling this incident at an administrative level and parents should rest assured that the issue has been resolved and the students were never in any kind of danger.

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