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End of an Era for Alternative Rock Radio Station X 103.9

SAN BERNARDINO-(  The program Director of X103.9, John DeSantis said in a Facebook post just hours ago that beginning 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, December 22nd the nearly 20-year-old Alternative Rock station will “no longer exist”. DeSantis said that the station, who will remain under the same independent ownership has decided to change formats.

“You should’ve seen my face when I was told. X1039 has been a huge part of my life for nearly 20 years, so this is like losing a best friend. I’m certain that many of you feel the same, as you’ve grown up with us,” DeSantis said.

Victor Valley News reached out to the radio station on Monday afternoon, but at this time they were unable to release any information as to what format the station will be changed to. There is speculation that the station will convert to top 40 and pop, but listeners will have to listen in at 7:00 a.m. to find out.

DeSantis said he will remain working for the station through the change in format. “Most of all I want to thank the X1039 listener. You’ve been through the ups and downs with us, and were always there for us. It is, unfortunately, the end of an era. Great things are coming to 103.9, and I hope you’ll check it out,”DeSantis.

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