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Emergency Responders Called for Riverside Preparatory School Student

ORO GRANDE:( Emergency responders were called to the campus of Riverside Preparatory school on Friday, during the school lunch hour. Local media sources immediately reported an attempted suicide had taken place at the campus involving an 8th grade male student.

Map by: Google Maps
Map by: Google Maps

Many student’s witnessed the 8th grader wrapping an ear bud cord around his neck. According to Superintendent, Dr. Heather Griggs, the incident happened at the school lunch tables where hundreds of students were present, as well as a school custodian, principal and other adult supervision.  Fellow classmates reported the student in question had been acting strange in classes prior to the incident keeping his head down and not doing work in the two classes proceeding the incident.

A friend of the student immediately called the janitor for assistance and the janitor called the principal, who was only a few feet away at the time. “School staff  is very cautious when it comes to students, so they called 911 and the child’s parents as a precaution. The mother of the child arrived just as ambulances were arriving to treat the boy.” said Griggs.

A family member of the student in question expressed that the teen had recently been having difficulties dealing with thoughts of suicide and has been getting help from mental health professionals.

Riverside Preparatory School has acknowledged the incident but strongly believe this was not another attempted suicide. They also acknowledge they do not know what intentions the student had at the time, but do realize that the kids may have been frightened to see the ambulance on campus and hear rumors going around campus. Dr. Heather Griggs expressed that since the students are still healing from the three recent suicide incidents involving Riverside Prep students that they may be more compelled to believe that a non-related incident may have been a suicide attempt.

There is no further information about the circumstance surrounding this incident, according to school officials the boy is uninjured. More information will be updated as details become available. Many worried parents received an automated call from the school regarding the situation on campus.

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