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Elizabeth “Liz” Becerra Appointed New Mayor of Victorville After Tie Vote

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( — In a turn of events this month, Elizabeth “Liz” Becerra swiftly transitioned from Mayor Pro Tem to Mayor of Victorville.

This outcome comes after the appointment of the City Mayor was put on hold due to a tie vote between Becerra and Jones at the previous council meeting on December 6, 2023.

“Because there is insufficiency in votes, the matter will come before the council once more on December 19, in hope and expectation of gaining consensus,” stated Mayor Debra Jones at that meeting.

However, on December 19, Councilmember Blanca Gomez was absent, and the former Mayor Debra Jones was also not in attendance, with Jones citing a recent exposure to COVID-19.

Despite the absences, the nomination period for Mayor reopened at Tuesday’s meeting, and Council Member Leslie Irving wasted no time in nominating Liz Becerra for the position. With no further nominations, the period was promptly closed, leading to the casting of votes.

With unanimous support from Council Members Harriman and Irving, as well as her own vote, Becerra was elected as the new Mayor of Victorville with an overwhelming majority, leaving the Pro Tem seat currently vacant for the remainder of the year.

This series of events marks a notable shift in leadership for the City of Victorville, with the community eagerly anticipating the impact of these developments on the city’s future.

Moreover, the City Council’s recent approval of an amendment stipulates that a sitting mayor is only allowed to serve for two consecutive terms, with the potential for a third term if the mayor garners a majority vote.

Elizabeth “Liz” Becerra, a lifelong resident of Victorville with over 34 years of experience in municipal government, brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to her new role.

Becerra’s strong background in public works, traffic control, and infrastructure management and maintenance, coupled with her commitment to supporting community events and enhancing the city’s infrastructure, positions her well for this leadership position.

As the city looks ahead to its future under the guidance of Mayor Becerra, the void left in the role of Mayor Pro Tem prompts the anticipation of the upcoming nomination and voting for a new mayor pro tem in January 2024.

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