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Elaborate Kidnapping Report Creates Fear in the Community

VICTORVILLE-(  A Victorville girl came up with a tall tale that temporarily sparked fear in the community. A woman posted on Facebook about what she believed was a terrifying kidnapping incident that took place early Sunday morning in Adelanto. She said that she wanted to warn the community about what a teen who she assisted told her had happened.

At around 1:20 a.m. on Sunday, May 29th a woman driving in the area of Mojave Drive and Pearmain Street saw a teen. The woman said the teen looked as though she had been walking through the desert and may have needed help. She asked her if she needed help and the girl said yes. The woman, in fear for the teen and herself, told the girl to sit in her vehicle with her while they made a call to the police.

They called 911 and per scanner traffic, the girl told dispatchers that she was at Hook Park on Saturday afternoon.  She said that the man asked her if she needed a ride, pulled her into the vehicle and took her to his Adelanto home. She explained that she was not injured and just got away 15 minutes prior to the call.

Deputies arrived on scene, interviewed the woman, interviewed the teen and took the teen home. “The report was disputed by the facts and she eventually admitted to the story being false,” said Lt. Ken Lutz.

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