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Driving Tips For Safe Travels During This Winter

December through February typically marks some of the coldest winter weather months for Southern California. While the scenery can be beautiful, this time of year can also bring a variety of dangerous driving hazards on roads and highways.

San Bernardino County Fire urges county residents to stay alert and take precaution en route to your destinations this winter season in order to help keep everyone safe. The following are some winter weather driving tips to help keep residents and visitors safe on the road ahead.

Driving Tips for Safe Travels

  • Drive Slowly – Most winter accidents are a result of driving too fast for the current conditions. Remember to slow down on the roads and give yourself extra time to get to your destination.
  • Don’t Tailgate – Be sure to leave at least three car lengths in between you and the driver ahead of you during icy or snowy weather conditions. It takes a longer distance to stop your vehicle on winter roads.
  • Turn on Your Headlights – Visibility is greatly hindered in rain, fog, ice, or snow storms so remember to turn on your low beams when in these conditions so other drivers can see you, even during daylight. 
  • Avoid Distracted or Drowsy Driving – Limit your distractions while driving in poor weather conditions. Keep your awareness on the road. Never drive when tired and leave the cell phone alone.
  • Keep Up with Your Car Maintenance – Check your windshield wipers, tires, brakes, etc. on a regular basis to avoid a mishap while driving.
  • Make Sure You Can See Out of All Windows Give yourself extra time before you drive to make sure your windows are defrosted and scraped clean of any ice that is obstructing your vision and ability to be an alert driver.
  • Check the Roadways and Traffic Ahead of Time – Winter conditions can be somewhat unpredictable so it’s important to check the roadways and traffic before you head out in order to give yourself enough time to safely arrive at your destination. Speeding in poor weather conditions puts other drivers and emergency responders at risk. Check highway conditions at
  • Always Carry Snow Chains – Invest in a set of snow chains for each of your vehicles and carry them in your vehicle, even if it’s not snowing. Practice installing your snow chains away from busy roads and be aware of weather conditions and snow chain speed limits.
  • Turn Around, Don’t DrownNever cross a flooded road that you can’t see because it’s covered by water. It can take as little as six inches of moving water to turn a car ride into a life-threatening emergency. 

Be a safe driver advocate this winter! Help keep everyone safe on the road by following and sharing these tips!

(Source: San Bernardino County Fire, Public Information Office)

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