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“Don’t Trash Our Desert”: Public Awareness Campaign Underway

VICTORVILLE—Hoping to inspire cooperation by High Desert residents and visitors, a coalition of private citizens and public agencies have created a public awareness campaign to spread a simple four word message: “Don’t Trash Our Desert.”

The group has reached out to municipal and county governments, trash disposal companies, the transit authority and local media using a variety of communication methods, for assistance in using the campaign slogan. One other key method being pursued is use of the multitude of electronic message boards throughout the High Desert.

Organizations are being asked to add the slogan to their website, Facebook page, lobby monitors, newsletters—and any other method they use to communicate with their customers and constituents.

“This is a simple, inexpensive campaign that uses a variety of communication methods to remind and encourage people to help keep the desert clean and free of illegal dumping and debris,” said Michael Stevens, President of Stevens Consulting Services and coalition organizer.

He also indicated that the campaign isn’t just targeting open desert spaces but residential neighborhoods as well.

The campaign is designed to augment existing efforts that address illegal dumping of trash and debris and is designed to inspire preventive action.

A “Don’t Trash Our Desert” rally at Victor Valley College is being planned in the near future to serve as an official kick-off and galvanize community support for the effort to keep the desert clean.

For more information about the “Don’t Trash Our Desert” public awareness campaign and see which organizations are involved, visit the website: or contact Michael Stevens at (760) 900-0152 or Cari Thomas at (760) 780-7008.

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