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Don’t Fall Victim to This Scam

HESPERIA: Citizens of Hesperia and throughout the High Desert have reported a scam related to jury duty or grand jury duty.The Hesperia Sheriff’s Station is asking for the public’s help in spreading the word and helping prevent others from becoming a victim to these scams.

In these cases, the victim receives a phone call from a person identifying themselves as personnel of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.The victim is told that a warrant has been issued for their arrest because they did not appear for jury or grand jury duty. The victim can clear up the warrant by paying a fine through one of the following methods to include, green dot cards, western union, money gram or other wire transfers.

Similar scams include persons claiming to be from or collecting on behalf of the IRS or Immigration Office.

Legitimate government or bill collecting agencies will not use the above mentioned tactics to collect from you.

Members of law enforcement agencies do not accept payment for outstanding warrants and do not enforce delinquencies for other government agencies, such as the IRS. If you receive one of these calls please do not give out any personal information and do not wire any money.

If you have questions or believe you are a victim of such a scam, please contact your local Sheriff’s Station.

(source: Hesperia Police Department)

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