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Dollar Tree at Crossroads Shopping Center in Victorville Opening Soon

VICTORVILLE – With the once limited shopping options for those living in the Adelanto or South West Victorville area the opening of the Crossroads Shopping Center was long overdue, but excitedly welcomed. The center brought those starving for change from the Stater Bros., CVS and few nearby fast food places could not wait for the new competitive prices of the new stores. Residents, many Victor Valley News members, just about counted down the days to the opening of Super Walmart, McDonald’s, Autozone, Walgreens and a Dollar Tree.

Many who live in the Adelanto area have limited transportation, many depending on walking or public transportation making this center a much-needed change to the bordering Adelanto area. More is coming to the center and residents eagerly await those changes.  Several residents already struggling to make ends meet had even more difficulties prior to these changes since certain items are not priced competitively with what was previously available to them. When residents of nearby areas heard the Dollar Tree store was coming, some have been driving by to see if it was open yet, while many asked friends and on Victor Valley News group if anyone was aware of the opening date.

According to a Dollar Tree representative when inquiring about the opening, she stated that the Dollar Tree store, located just behind the AutoZone in the Crossroads Shopping Center will be open to the public on Wednesday, October 1st. Couponers as well as other bargain shoppers are ecstatic that they will no longer have to drive nearly 10 miles to the nearest dollar store.

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