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Doing Business with Adelanto is getting easier

The City is collaborating services to enhance customer experience

ADELANTO, Calif. — In an effort to modernize and take advantage of technology and make it easier for customers, Adelanto is creating a one-stop shop arrangement that will expedite and streamline the process for residents using several city departments including Building & Safety, Planning, Engineering, Code Enforcement and Water.

Development Services Director Charles Rangel will now oversee coordination between the above-referenced departments.

“One of the first improvements residents will see is the creation of what we’re calling a one-stop shop,” said Rangel. All development services counter techs will be relocated from the second floor to the first-floor entry area of City Hall.

“For example before the changes we implemented, our customers would have to go upstairs to apply for permits or submit development plans, then return downstairs to stand in line again to pay necessary fees,” said Rangel. With the one-stop shop model utilized by many cities, all services will be coordinated in one location which will expedite service delivery.

“Our residents deserve the most efficient process that we can offer to meet their needs,” said Mayor Richard Kerr.

Kerr described an antiquated way that water customers would pay their bill after hours by depositing checks in a drop box. “Not only are we expanding the waiting area, we’re also installing a kiosk so that customers who don’t want to stand in line during business hours can simply pay using the kiosk,” said Kerr.

The kiosk will also be available for customers when City Hall is closed, with multiple cameras in place to create a safe and secure experience for customers.

Rangel indicated that the one-stop shop will enhance communication and coordination between multiple city departments which will lead to better customer service. “I am confident that our customers will appreciate the process and services.”

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