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Dickey’s Employees in Hesperia Speak Out Against Unpaid Wages By Former Owner

Hesperia, California ( – Employees at the Dickey’s Barbecue Pit location in Hesperia have recently voiced their concerns about not receiving their wages for an entire month.

This unfortunate situation began just before a change in management at the store, when the previous owner suddenly ceased all communication, leaving the staff without payment.

According to the hardworking employees, the former owner, Tom Cooley, steadily became unresponsive to their inquiries, and over the past couple of weeks, completely cut off all communication. Frustrated and worried, the employees decided to take matters into their own hands, reaching out to their loyal customers for support.

“We trusted Tom’s promises of payment, but when he stopped responding completely, we had no choice but to appeal to our customers for help,” expressed an anonymous employee.

Utilizing the power of social media, the employees used their platforms to draw attention to their predicament, urging customers to question the corporate office about the delayed wages. “Sadly, the corporate office denied any responsibility, claiming that since the store is a franchise, they were not obligated to intervene,” employees told VVNG.

On several occasions, the employees closed the store down after being promised pay, and then not receiving it.

“Each time Tom told us we would be paid but did not pay us we closed down the store,” stated an employee. “This was an issue for corporate. Corporate forced us to remain working without resolving the issue.”

Employees have reported that a representative from the corporate office was flown out to assist in the upkeep of the store. While the corporate employee received compensation for their time, the employees working under the franchise were left uncompensated for their efforts.

“Corporate was in contact with our manager as far as keeping the store running and having found a new buyer. It is unfortunate that that is what they felt was to be prioritized over our pay,” an employee said.

Left with no way to contact Tom, the former owner, the employees found themselves relying on customer reviews to hold him and the company accountable for their actions.

This unexpected situation has taken a toll on the overall well-being of the employees, making it increasingly challenging for them to celebrate the holiday season with their loved ones. “We are exhausted and hungry, and now our dedication to providing exceptional service and quality food is being put to the test. We apologize to those who may have experienced any negative incidents recently. All we want is to be paid,” shared one of the employees.

Interestingly, the Hesperia and Riverside locations were both owned by Tom. However, during a recent acquisition, ownership of both establishments was transferred to Perri Campbell. While employees at the Hesperia store spoke highly of the new owner, confirming that Perri has been supportive and helpful since taking over, it should be noted that he is not responsible for the unpaid wages as the transition did not occur until December 9th.

To assist the affected employees, Perri Campbell has been actively guiding them on how to file wage claims through the California Labor Commissioner.

Starting from December 9, 2023, and moving forward, the new owner will ensure that employees receive their due remuneration. Any outstanding issues will be directed to the appropriate state authorities.

Unfortunately, the new owner also fell victim to the previous owner’s failure to settle outstanding electric bills. Upon discovery, the new owner was faced with a delinquent amount of $5700 and a turn-off notice dated December 20, 2023. Currently, the new owner is actively seeking the best course of action to address this issue.

In a separate note, it has come to light that both the Apple Valley and Victorville Dickey’s locations, which operate under different owners, are currently closed. This unanticipated development has sparked uncertainty among the employees, leaving them questioning the reasons behind these shutdowns.

By sharing their story on social media platforms, the employees at Dickey’s in Hesperia passionately aim to shed light on the challenges they have faced.

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