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Desert Valley Hospital Held Hostage By Hackers

VICTORVILLE-( Hackers infiltrated the computer systems at two hospitals in Southern California on Friday. The reason for the hack was ransom requested to allow the hospital to regain access to information pertinent to patient care.

These hacks are fittingly called “ransomware” and over the past year have gained popularity and those most recently targeted for these attacks are hospitals. Due to the antiquated operating systems needed to run some of the medical equipment, they have become the prime targets for these  attacks.

Last Friday Desert Valley Hospital became one of the two Prime Healthcare Service Inc. facilities targeted by the attacks, along with Chino Valley Medical Center.

Hospital officials said that although the attack caused significant disruptions, no patient or employee records were compromised during the attacks and they have regained access to most of the systems.

No ransom has been paid in order for them to retrieve access and the amount of ransom requested remains undisclosed. The hospitals remained open and operating with normal patient care while selected computers and servers were shut down as a precaution.

The FBI is currently investigating these attacks.


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