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Deputy’s Act of Kindness Recognized by City of Victorville

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( The City of Victorville presented Deputy Jeffrey Dean of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department with a recognition award for his heartfelt kindness he showed to a young man named Jake.

Although Deputy Dean never expected or asked for any recognition, his good deed went viral on social media and even a Washington radio station when Jake’s soon to be stepfather Scott Davis wrote a post on Facebook detailing the kind act.

Jake traveled from Washington to Victorville for work and was jumped by three men who stole his wallet and cell phone. He hesitated to file a police report since he really didn’t have a positive outlook on police officers, the post stated.

“He was a dumb juvenile not too long ago and made some bad choices. So he has never seen the good in a police officer (on his own behalf). We form our opinions based on experiences. This experience has changed his perspective. He thinks the world of this officer!” Jake’s mother Amber Bowers-Steele stated.

What forever changed his perspective is when Jake met Deputy Jeffrey Dean who took his police report.

Davis said it was by the hand of God his stepson crossed paths with Deputy Dean who realized Jake had no place to stay that night. Dean bought him a warm meal to eat and even paid for his motel out of his own pocket.

The Victorville Deputy of three years then called Jake’s parents to arrange travel arrangements to get him back to Washington. Not only did Deputy Dean purchase the young man’s bus ticket, but he also selflessly set aside his Mother’s Day plans to personally drive Jake to a greyhound bus station in San Bernardino, nearly 40 miles away.

On Tuesday night at the Victorville City Council Meeting Dean was presented with a certificate of recognition.

“Deputy Dean, on behalf of the entire City Council thank you for going above and beyond to help Jacob. Your generosity in caring for Jacob embodied the ideals of duty and service. You have brought great pride to the City of Victorville and our police department. I am pleased to honor you with this recognition,” said Victorville Mayor Gloria Garcia.

Jake’s parents were also excited to announce on social media that he made it home safely thanks to Deputy Jeff Dean.

Jake's parents shared the exciting moment when they were reunited in Washington thanks to Deputy Jeff Dean. (Scott Davis)
Jake’s parents shared the exciting moment when being reunited in Washington thanks to Deputy Jeff Dean. (Scott Davis)

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