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Deep Creek Vehicle Break-ins on the Rise

( Over the past couple of weeks various Victor Valley News Group members have reported vehicle break-ins while leaving there vehicles parked in the Deep Creek area. What’s suppose to be a pleasurable day hiking, swimming and relaxing has ended in frustration and anger for many.

In one of the most recent incidents reported on September 22nd, a Hesperia resident decided to take his wife and children to Deep Creek to enjoy a nice day of hiking and returned to find out that his car had been broken into. “As we walked closer to the vehicle, we noticed the passenger window was broken. Upon further inspection I noticed that the glove compartment and center console had been ransacked,” said the vehicle owner.

The thieves got away with social security cards, and  identification, but according to the vehicle owner, missed the $20 in cash that was in his vehicle when he returned to it.

Since this type of incident of now has occurred numerous times, Deep Creek visitors should stay aware of their surroundings, they should not leave any valuables in their vehicle and if something suspicious is noticed, report it immediately.

According to Wikipedia, “Deep Creek Hot Springs, DCHS, are natural hot springs located in the northern Mojave Desert section of the San Bernardino National Forest, near Hesperia in San Bernardino County, Southern California. Deep Creek Hot Springs, being located next to Deep Creek, provides both hot and cold water locations for clothing optional bathing. The site is managed by the San Bernardino National Forest. Water from the creek or pools is not advised for consumption without treatment or filtering, and bringing sufficient drinking water is advised. Freedom Trail reaches Deep Creek Hot Springs, and The Pacific Crest Trail along the creek crosses the area.”

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