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“Deep Creek Estates” to Bring 99 Homes to Apple Valley in New Gated Community

APPLE VALLEY, Calif. ( The Apple Valley Town Council has granted approval for a proposed gated-community housing development along Deep Creek Road. The development, if completed, will introduce 99 new homes to the area.

Property owner Mark Maida and Tom Steeno of Steeno Design Studio are the applicants of the Deep Creek Estates. The subdivision will consist of 99 lots, each with a minimum size of 3/4 acre. The project will be bounded by Deep Creek and Del Oro Road, with additional equestrian trails along the perimeter serving as buffers between the new subdivision and existing neighborhoods.

During the Town Council meeting, the Council Members voted in favor of the General Plan Amendment, changing the zoning in the area from Low Density Residential to Estate Residential. This will allow for a minimum lot size of 3/4 acre, along with the subdivision of the 120 acres into 99 residential lots.

The site, currently undeveloped, is surrounded by a mix of vacant lots and single-family residential properties. The proposed development has received opposition from some residents who raised concerns about the impact on agricultural land and the need for housing development in other areas. Environmental concerns, water quality, traffic, and the preservation of biological and tribal resources were also cited as reasons for opposing the project. On the other hand, supporters highlighted the need for quality housing and responsible growth, emphasizing the developer’s commitment to creating a well-designed and beneficial community.

Map Shows the 120-acre project site highlighted in red, and the area within the black is considered the Deep Creek area.

Residents who expressed their opposition launched a petition, amassing over 300 signatures, demanding a halt to the development on Del Oro Road and Deep Creek Road. Their core argument revolves around the potential ramifications of altering the current zoning from Residential Agriculture to Estate Residential. They firmly believe that such a change would irrevocably disrupt the established way of life for current homeowners and the local wildlife.

The project has undergone a thorough review process, including a Planning Commission meeting where public comments were heard. The Commission voted in favor of the proposal, with one commissioner recusing themselves. The Town Council considered the public feedback and ultimately approved the development.

Certain amendments to the General Plan, Land Use Element, and Development Code were proposed to address the development’s impact on the Deep Creek area. These modifications aim to ensure that the project provides necessary buffers and minimizes any disruption to existing neighborhoods.

The project has also undergone assessments regarding biological resources, traffic impact, drainage, and sewer feasibility. Mitigation measures have been put in place to address potential environmental concerns, and the necessary permits and approvals will be obtained throughout the development process.

607 acres of the 1100 acres in the Deep Creek area remain untapped.

While some residents have expressed concerns about the change in land use and its potential effects on the local ecosystem and way of life, proponents of the development argue that responsible growth is necessary to meet housing needs and prevent potential state intervention. The developer has assured that the project will be well-maintained through a homeowners association, with private amenities such as a gated entrance, a 2.5 acre community park with a pool, a community building, playground equipment and equestrian trails.

”This is really not necessarily an equestrian community, the lot sizes are large enough, but the problem is not everybody wants a horse, so if your next door neighbor has a horse, and you don’t want one there’s conflict, so it’s better just to rule them out of the development altogether,” the project’s representative stated.

The approval of this housing development marks a significant step in expanding residential options in the area, bringing new homes and potential economic benefits to Apple Valley. As the project moves forward, further considerations and precautions will be taken to ensure a harmonious integration into the existing community and minimize any negative impacts.

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