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Daylight Savings Time: Fall Back November 1st



VICTORVILLE-( After a long, hot and meteorological eventful summer, most Victor Valley residents are ready to bring in the fall season. With cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and colorful sunsets it is no wonder why residents eagerly anticipate the fall season.

Daylight savings time is another thing that comes with the change of season. Nowadays daylight savings time is considered more of just an unchanged tradition, since it was originally a concept used by our ancestors to make better use of daylight while farming.

Today, most prefer the Fall “fall back” to the Spring “spring forward” basking in the extra hour of sleep. Daylight savings time 2015 will be at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 1st, making it appropriate for most households to set their clocks back one hour on Halloween night.

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