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DA Ramos Speaks Out in Regards to Apple’s Decision on Court Order



SAN BERNARDINO-(  The December 2, 2015 mass shooting in San Bernardino, which was later to be determined to be an act of terror took fourteen lives, injured 21 people and changed the lives of thousands. Many, who once felt safe living outside of the highly populated Metropolitan areas realized that terrorism can strike even in less densely populated or less-known areas.

The scene on that December morning, during an office party for San Bernardino County Health Department workers at the Inland Regional Center not only terrorized, but showed a lack of regard for human life. Innocent people were gunned down by none other than their own co-worker, Syed Farook and his wife, Rafsheed Malik. The two were later killed in an exchange of gunfire with authorities, but still the investigation continues to provide authorities with the deeper ties that led to the terrorist attack.

A federal judge ordered Apple to assist in obtaining access to the data on the locked phone belonging to the now deceased suspect Syed Farook. In order to do so, Apple was asked to create new software. Tim Cook, Apple Chief Executive refused to comply with the order, sending a letter to his employees holding his stance in the refusal saying it was a “broader issue” and he stated that “data security” is the issue . He added that complying with the demands would threaten the civil liberties of all including the law-abiding citizens.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft sided with the judge saying that technology companies should be forced to cooperate in the case of terrorism investigations according to a Financial Times article.

On Tuesday morning press release, District Attorney Mike Ramos said, “From day one of this unprecedented terrorist attack, as District Attorney, I have focused on working alongside our law and justice partners to protect and care for our victims. Our victims deserve a voice in federal court given Apple’s decision not to comply with a court order. These are victims who were murdered, terrorized, and in some cases, continue to live in fear. It is our responsibility to assist them. We will continue to speak to them, inform them of the progress of the matter, offer them services, and opportunity to be heard. We owe it to them to do everything we can to make sure justice is served.”



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