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Couple Trapped in SUV Following Rollover Crash

Photo: Sujey Hurtado Sandoval via VVNG
Photo: Sujey Hurtado Sandoval via VVNG

Traffic on the south bound 15-freeway is backed up for several miles due to a single vehicle roll over, reported at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday just north of Sierra Ave.

It’s believed a rear tire blow out caused the driver of an SUV to lose control and eventually rolled over in the middle lane leaving two occupants in the vehicle trapped.

VVNG member Gloriel Marek and her husband witnessed the accident and shared the following,

“I helped the man out of the car and was horrified when I asked if anyone else was in the car and he said his wife. My husband cut the wife’s seat belt off when he saw it wrapped around her neck. She had a really bad cut on her forehead. She couldn’t remember anything at first but was the best thing I heard come out of her mouth before I let go of her hand… “where’s my husband?” I knew then she was beginning to remember something.”

No other vehicles were involved in the collision and the SUV has been cleared  from the roadway, but a clean up of nails, screws and glass was on going as of 3:00 p.m.

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