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Couple Loses Home, Family Pet and a Myriad of Memories



PHELAN-( On the evening of April 3rd, as the couple was leaving a memorial service for the wife’s father, firefighters were battling a fire at their home. The structure fire, located in the 5000 block of Greasewood Lane was reported by multiple reporting parties that Friday evening at approximately 4:37 pm.

The double wide mobile home was the home of a dear friend of Marsue Brooks, a former school bus driver for the Snowline School District. When her best friend passed away, she purchased her home since her friend’s husband planning on moving in with family. Marsue planned on remodeling the home, as a tribute to her beloved friend. Her father, who was a contractor, helped Marsue with the remodeling of her home that she put all her funds, even taking out a line of large credit with 11119978_972840492727555_1153612148_nHome Depot to do so.

Although Marsue is disabled, she really loved her friend and really put substantial effort in the upgrades to the home that she once lived in. With her now deceased father, that home too became a source of some of the last memories built with him.  Marsue lived in the home with her truck driver husband and her 12-year-old dog, named “Sissy”.

The home was not only filled with family pictures, antiques and their belongings, but also memories. After losing her best friend, her father, and now her home that was full of memories, Marsue also was left to mourn the loss of Sissy, who died of smoke inhalation.

Although belongings can be replaced, the life of Sissy, many items and the memories11128784_972840252727579_1040098276_n can never be replaced. The family has a desire to rebuild, but what the insurance covers is very limited so for now it seems like only a goal that may be sustainable at the end of this nightmare.

The structure sustained an estimated $75,000 in fire and smoke damage. After the investigation was complete the  cause of the fire is was determined to be electrical. There were no human injuries, although the couple lost their 12-year-old dog “Sissy” as a result of the blaze.

For now, the couple will try to mentally heal while staying in their RV that they feel 11136932_972840196060918_1932072537_nfortunate enough to have. At this time their daughter as well as a  family friend decided to help the family by rallying the community to assist in helping them rebuild. If you would like to help, a go fund me account has been set up on their behalf:



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