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County Continues to Improve Route 66

( San Bernardino County Public Works crews continue working hard to get National Trails Highway reopened after incurring damage from the September 2014 storms.

The storms in September damaged sections of National Trails Highway from Hector Road to Amboy, said San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood. The most extensive damage was along National Trails Highway (Route 66) where approximately 40 bridges were damaged along with major portions of the roadway.  Sections between Hector Road to Crucero Road (Newberry Springs/Ludlow area), Crucero Road to Amboy Road, and Cadiz Road to Mountain Springs Road at Interstate 40 have been closed pending roadway repairs, shoulder repairs and bridge evaluations.

Public Works crews reopened the first stretch of the road, Hector Road to Crucero Road, in November. The crews are anticipating opening this next section from Ludlow to Amboy sometime in January 2015.

(San Bernardino County Press Release)

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