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Costco Removes Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Bar

Say good-bye to Costco’s chocolate dipped ice cream bar with toasted almonds.

That’s right just about all southern California locations have already started to phase out the ice cream bar and the popular item will no longer be carried by the chain.

ICE-CREAM-MeAs of this week the Victorville Costco located on Valley Center drive has already stopped selling the popular treat regularly priced at $1.50.

With the price of almonds & dairy constantly on the rise, it’s believed overall sales and company profits played a major role in this decision to pull the tasty item off the menu.

Store employees tell us a delicious new brisket and coleslaw sandwich will replace the chocolate dipped ice cream bar, and is expected to be available no later than next week.

For now churro’s continue to be a profitable item for the chain and will remain on the menu.


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