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Coroner Report Released for Disgruntled Former Police Officer Dorner

On Friday, October 3rd, the coroners report for 33-year-old Christopher Dorner was released, over a year after his death. Dorner, the 33-year-old disgruntled former police officer went on a 10-day long revenge induced rampage following being fired from the Los Angeles police department. Although Dorner’s employment with the LAPD was terminated in 2008, he had put in for an appeal which had more recently cabinresulted in the termination being upheld.

The rampage resulted in two police officers being injured and four people,including three police officers being killed prior to his death during the February 2013 ordeal. Many not only in California sat on the edge of their seats following the extended police search and chase, but broadcasts all over the United States, were followed closely in disbelief. Dorner, who was not only a Los Angeles Police Officer, but also a former US Navy Reserve lieutenant took police on the 10-day long manhunt.

After the standoff at 40700 Seven Oaks Road in Angelus Oaks, Dorner was found deceased within the collapsed cabin. The autopsy, that was executed by the Riverside County Coroner, stated that the cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the right side of his head. The Riverside County Coroner Chief Forensic Pathologist Mark Fajardo determined that the wound was consistent with a handgun, not a rifle. Detectives had reportedly found a 9mm Glock near Dorner’s faced up charred lifeless body lying on the concrete basement floor that was covered with an approximately 10 inches of water.

Unsuccessful attempts to get Dorner to exit the cabin using standard tear gas made them switch to one that can possibly cause fires. The fire that was ignited by the tear gas started at 4:18 pm, two minutes later, at 4:20 pm officers heard a single gunshot. Two other bullets had exploded due to the fire and were found within Dorner’s body. Both hands and one foot were found separated from his body due to the fire.
At approximately 4:46 pm, the full engulfed cabin collapsed.  Dorner’s body was charred beyond recognition, the investigators were unable to identify him or even a resemblance to him until finding several forms of  identification and other belongings including a lighter, a folding knife, and $150 in cash in his pockets. The body was also found wearing a white necklace around the neck with a handcuff key and another key on it. Coroners were also able to match his retainers to the mouth of the body found, which were a perfect fit as well as matching up dental x-rays.

There was no alcohol or drugs in his system besides for a small amount of a chemical found in allergy medicine.

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