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Concerned Citizens Prompt Special Traffic Enforcement in Hesperia

HESPERIA-( The citizens reported, and the Hesperia Station listened to the concerns planning a special traffic enforcement on Thursday, December 10th. The operations resulted in close to forty citations and three vehicles being towed.

Four deputies were placed to work in areas that were brought to the station’s attention, where they focused on red light violations throughout the city. Another location that deputies focused on was the intersection of Ranchero Road and Maple Avenue for a continuing problem of drivers passing stopped vehicles on the right.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Officials said, “Some of these vehicles were passing these vehicle to turn right at the intersection and some were just trying to bypass the wait and proceeded straight through the intersection. In either case, these drivers were violating traffic laws and putting themselves and others in danger.”

Although, Sheriff officials understand that everyone is busy trying to get places, it is important to remember to obey traffic laws to keep the roadways safe. Drivers are reminded of the following:

*Brake on yellow.

*Do not pass on the right.

*Slow and merge to the right for emergency vehicles with lights and sirens on.

*Look twice for motorcycles.

*Don’t drive distracted.

*Don’t drink and drive.

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