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City of Victorville to host free residential leak detection class

VICTORVILLE, Cailf. – The City of Victorville in partnership with Mojave Water Agency and the Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation will host a Residential Leak Detection Class on Thursday, June 25 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on ZOOM! 

This live, remote class is free.  Space is limited, and registration is required and available by contacting Donna McCormick at  or by phone at (760) 955-2016.

“Some homeowners may not realize that a toilet that continues to “run” long after it’s been flushed is a leaky toilet that is wasting water” said Donna McCormick, Water Conservation Supervisor for the City of Victorville.

Class participants will learn how to read their water meters; how to find and fix some of the most common indoor and outdoor household leaks; and how to conserve water by using new technologies.  

Indoor topics will cover faucets, showerheads, tub diverters, toilet flappers and water heater relief valves.  Outdoor topics will look at hose spigots, garden faucets, compression washers, hose clamp rings, hose-end garments, irrigation control valves and low head drainage. 

Irrigation leaks about the thickness of a dime can waste nearly 6,300 gallons of water a month.  “Leaks can be present anywhere. This class will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to search for leaks with confidence and cut down on water waste in their homes,” McCormick added. 

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