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City of Victorville Looks to Tighten Street Vendor Law

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( – The City of Victorville is set to hold a meeting tonight to discuss and tighten their enforcement on street vendors.

The proposed amendment to the Victorville Municipal Code aims to make various changes to Title 16, which includes updated regulations, requirements, and standards for sidewalk vendors, solicitors, and other mobile vendors and businesses.

The need for stricter enforcement comes after the passing of Senate Bill 946 in 2018, also known as the Safe Sidewalk Vending Act, which decriminalized and legalized street vending in California.

The bill restricts local agencies from banning sidewalk vending while permitting regulation that is directly related to health, safety, or welfare concerns.

Under the proposed amendment, the City of Victorville plans to establish local licensing requirements and regulations for sidewalk vendors and mobile vehicle vendors operating within the City’s right-of-way.

This will include criteria and standards to ensure the safe operation of stationary and roaming sidewalk vendors, addressing concerns related to pedestrian, vehicular, infrastructure, and property access.

The amendment will also incorporate additional regulations allowed by Senate Bill 946, such as those on vending hours, locations, insurance requirements, licensure prerequisites, prohibited items, and administrative fines.

To further support these changes, the City of Victorville will require vendors to obtain licenses or permits, possess a Seller’s Permit from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, and adhere to sanitary conditions established by local health departments.

The proposed amendment will also establish distance requirements for sidewalk vending near schools and prohibit sidewalk vendors from operating near certified Farmers Markets, special events, or parks with existing concession agreements.

During the meeting, a public hearing will be held.

City officials hope that these proposed changes will strike a balance between the economic opportunities provided by street vendors and the need to ensure public health, safety, and welfare.

By establishing clearer regulations and enforcement mechanisms, the City aims to protect both the interests of the vendors and the community.

This meeting follows the City’s continued efforts to address unlicensed sidewalk vendors and support existing licensed vendors. The Code Compliance Division has been actively monitoring and citing vendors, with the number of contact and citation cases steadily increasing over the past few years.

If the proposed amendment is approved, the City will establish a licensing process through their online application portal and implement compliance monitoring measures.

This will include fingerprinting for criminal background investigations completed by the Victorville Police Department, verifying insurance requirements, and issuing decals for approved sidewalk vending booths to facilitate licensure verification.

The Planning Commission meets every second Wednesday of every month at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall in Council Chambers, with the next meeting being held December 13, 2023.

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