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City of Victorville “Goes Green” with Residential Organics Recycling

Victorville residents with curbside trash and recycling service will receive a barrel to be used for garden trimmings and food scraps.  Victorville Disposal will deliver the new, green barrels, to single-family residences in December.  Residents can begin using the new barrels for organic waste immediately with pickup starting on their service day the following week. 

While garden trimmings should be placed loose in the green barrel, food waste should first be placed in plastic bags.  Garden trimmings include grass clippings, weeds, tree and shrub clippings, cut flowers/bouquets, and leaves.  Food scraps include fruit and vegetable waste, plate scrapings, spoiled food, coffee grounds, eggshells, meat, solid dairy, and bones.

Existing blue bins will continue to be used for recyclable material like paper, cardboard, cans and bottles while the black bin will be for trash.

The City of Victorville is implementing its residential organics recycling program to comply with a state mandate.

An informational postcard will be mailed to single-family homes this week, a “how to” guide will be delivered with the new barrel, and a list of acceptable items will be on the lid.  Additional information and helpful tips are available at

Garden trimmings and food scraps placed in the green barrels will be taken to the Victor Valley Compost Facility on E. Abbey Lane where it will be converted into compost and mulch products.  Some materials may even go to anaerobic digesters to be converted into renewable natural gas that can be used for heating or as vehicle fuel.  Free compost will be available to City residents.

The City of Victorville is implementing its new residential recycling organics program to comply with the mandates of SB 1383.  This law was passed in 2016 and requires all California jurisdictions to implement organics recycling programs to divert organic materials from landfills.

Diverting these items from the landfill will reduce methane gas emissions produced from decomposing trash.  In addition, recycling organics will save landfill space, generate energy, and create valuable soil amendments that will be distributed to agricultural users and residents.  

Organics service for multi-family residences on carts or bin service will be implemented during January 2024. 

For more information about the new residential organics program, residents can visit or call Victorville Disposal at (760) 245-8607.

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(source: City of Victorville)

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