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City of Hesperia Energy Efficiency Grant for Homeowners

HESPERIA:( Great news for Hesperia homeowners with low to moderate incomes. The City of Hesperia Energy Efficiency Rehabilitation Program (EERP) is offering grants of up to $2,000. Those applying must own and live in a single-family detached home.  The grant is to be used for a home energy efficiency assessment and to perform improvements or repairs that increase energy and water efficiency in the home.

Eligibility is limited to those whose household income does not exceed the HUD-established area limits placing the homeowners in the low to moderate range. The city requires documentation to prove household size, income and property ownership. The home must be owner-occupied and it must be the owners primary place of residence.

In order to be considered the application must be fully completed and submitted with copies of all required documentation.

Income Limits Table 2014:

The following are the income limits as determined by HUD.  These limits provide the criteria for eligibility in the EERP.


Household Size Extremely-Low IncomeEqual to or less than 30% of Area Median Low Income31% to 50% of Area Median Moderate Income51% to 80% of Area Median
1 $12,750 $21,250 $34,000
2 $14,600 $24,300 $38,850
3 $16,400 $27,350 $43,700
4 $18,200 $30,350 $48,550
5 $19,700 $32,800 $52,450
6 $21,150 $35,250 $56,350
7 $22,600 $37,650 $60,250
8 $24,050 $40,100 $64,100

EERP Guidelines

EERP Application

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