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City of Adelanto Free Dump Day



ADELANTO( The city of Adelanto in order to prevent illegal dumping, is providing the city with a free dump day on August 23rd from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m at Maverick’s Stadium. During this time the city will be accepting items such as TV’s, Computer Monitors, electronic waste, tires from passenger vehicles (off the rims), metal appliances, toilets, mattresses, furniture as well as other large items.

No Hazardous waste will be allowed and those dumping must be residents of Adelanto with a water bill and valid photo ID. “While residents have the option, at no cost, to have items picked up by the waste hauler, many still chose to dump in the desert and we need to curtail this.” said Adelanto City Manager James Hart.

The city is working together with the waste disposal company is hoping to make this joint effort create a cleaner environment for all Adelanto residents.”The cost is being shared between the City’s refuse fund and Burrtec. Burrtec is providing all the dumpsters for that day, and the City is paying for the disposal costs.” added Hart.

There is no restrictions on the amount of trash taken in, it is encouraged that residents take advantage of this proactive city event.. “We have a lot to dump at our home, but have been unable to afford to dump it. The trash service provides a restricted large item pick up of up to I believe of 20 items per year. Much of what we have is in bags, the trash service will not pick up bags. I am looking forward to this event” stated an excited Adelanto resident.

Volunteers wanting to beautify their city can also be involved by loading up trucks of trash that has already been illegally dumped by others. “Groups getting together to clean up certain areas is encouraged and will be greatly appreciated.” added Hart.  If you need any further information you can call the City of Adelanto at: (760)246-2300