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City of Adelanto Approves Medical Marijuana Ordinance

ADELANTO-( The city of Adelanto, in what appears to be a last-ditch attempt to save the city from financial disaster has approved the cultivation of medical marijuana. This was the final step to where now, those interested in having such a business, can submit an application to the city as soon as next week.

Businesses are expected to gain approval as soon as late December, according to city officials. The city manager, Cindy Herrera will be making these selections based on several aspects including, but not limited to plans for operations, capital and experience.

Not all were pleased with the new ordinance, some residents of the city of Adelanto were strongly against the proposal, but in a majority vote on the second reading the city council approved. The city officials said that the industrial park will be able to accommodate up to eight of these facilities.

Excited about the vote to move forward with the ordinance, those interested in being approved to be one of the, up to about eight businesses inundated city officials with questions. As plans move forward, the city will have more answers for those interested in moving or building a new marijuana cultivation business in the city.

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