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3-yr-old found with meth in system

On Wednesday, August 4, 2013, Medical Personnel from the San Bernardino Community Hospital Emergency Room called the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department to report a 3 year-old child tested positive for methamphetamine. The discovery was made through routine examination when the child initially arrived with a fever, according to a Sheriff’s release.

Child Family Services were contacted and also responded to the emergency room to assist. During a search of the suspect’s vehicle parked at the hospital, deputies also recovered narcotics under the child’s seat.

Sheriffs responded to the residence of the victim and suspects. With a search warrant issued, deputies were able to recover evidence at the residence to support the fact that the child had access to several types of narcotics and weapons.

The child’s mother, 27-year-old Alexis Parker, and boyfriend, 43-year-old Tony Medrano were at the hospital with the victim’s twin sister.

Both Parker and Medrano were arrested for child endangerment, sales of methamphetamine, and possession of dangerous weapons. Medrano was also charged with felon in possession of ammunition. Both subjects were booked into Central Detention Center.

In addition, Medrano is a sex offender who is not the father of the children and lives with them. The children were taken into protective custody by the Department of Family Services after being treated at the hospital.

JOHN MCMAHON, Sheriff-Coroner
San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department

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