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Car Demolished After Slamming Into Semi Truck on 15 Freeway

Cajon Pass, Calif. ( A man walked away unscathed after his car was demolished in a car accident.

Bryan Vazquez, 22 of Rialto, said he was driving on the freeway Sunday night when he realized he was traveling northbound going towards Hesperia, but instead had intended to drive on the southbound freeway.

“I was going to take the next exit, so I pulled to the far right lane and ended up crashing into the semi truck,” Vazquez told Victor Valley News.

When witnesses first called into CHP dispatch at 10:39 p.m. on Sunday night to report the accident, which occurred within miles of the Oak Hill exit, they were not exaggerating when they described the car as being completely demolished.

Vazquez’s 2013 Camry SE collided into the back of the semi truck with enough force that it broke the underride guard, a safety feature required on most semi-trailers to prevent a car from sliding under the trailer during a rear-end accident.

The impact caused the roof of the vehicle to be sheared off as if it was opened by a can opener, the passenger seat was twisted and sustained damage near the head rest from the metal frame of the car as it pushed into the seat.

“My car hit the back and then it spun around several times and faced the wrong direction of traffic,” Vazquez said in a state of shock.

The driver of the semi-trailer was not injured during the collision.

Man walked away from accident with no injuries. (Gabriel D Espinoza, Victor Valley News)
The man walked away from an accident with no injuries. (Gabriel D Espinoza, Victor Valley News)

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