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California Roadside Emmisions Surveying Comes to the Victor Valley

remote_sensing_mainAPPLE VALLEY:( as we all know recently roadside emission testing has popped up in the Apple Valley area, and not everyone is happy about it. Most of the time, that irritation stems from lack of information.

Let’s start here, unlike DUI checkpoints, this roadside survey is NOT mandatory. It is also not run by the police/sheriff’s department. The Roadside Inspection Program was established by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 44081 which requires BAR, with the assistance of the California Highway Patrol, to inspect the emissions of vehicles while actually being driven on California roadways.

Currently, 17 states, including California, have this testing in place.

For a while now, there have been sensors on our streets randomly testing air quality. When it gets bad enough in a certain area, these physical surveys are done in order to accurately assess the pollution data which, in turn, helps the BAR and Health & Safety come up with potential solutions. They also choose areas just by random zip code lottery.

So, congrats Apple Valley you won the lottery!

The inspection takes about 10 minutes, and a report is given to you. It does NOT replace the inspection needed for your registration. If your vehicle fails their survey test, you are given information on places you can contact to help inspect, repair and pay at a substantial discount for the repairs necessary.

Although the inspection is voluntary, there is a police presence for the inspectors’ safety, and if your vehicle is deemed unsafe, or illegally modified, there is a chance your vehicle could be subjected to a fix it ticket, or worst case scenario, impounded, however that is not the main goal of these survey sites.

Want more information? Here are two websites to research.

Air quality is extremely important to our community’s overall health and wellness. Please take the 10 minutes out of your day if you happen to be flagged to stop for an emissions test. It’s only to help improve our slice of California.

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