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CA Lawmakers approve to extend ‘last call’ till 4 a.m.

CALIFORNIA ( — A bill approved Thursday night by State Legislators will extend bar hours an additional two hours in nine CA cities.

Six of the nine cities are in Southern California and include Coachella, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Long Beach, West Hollywood, and of course Los Angeles. The other cities are San Francisco, Sacramento, and Oakland.

Senate Bill 905, or more commonly referred to as the ‘Last Call Bill’ received the thumbs up earlier this week and will enact a pilot program for five years. After that time, each city would decide to discontinue or maintain the later alcohol sales between 2 am. and 4 am.

The highly controversial bill will now go to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk and if signed it would take effect on January 1,  2021. Brown’s deadline to decide on the bill is September 30th.

If approved, the extension only applies to nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. Liquor stores would be exempt.

What do you think? Are you for the extra time allowed to drink? Or do you feel the 2am, last call is already good enough? Comment below and tell us’ what you think.

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