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Business Email Compromise Scam Hits BBB



FRESNO, Calif., Feb. 22, 2018 – Better Business Bureau Serving Central California & Inland Empire Counties is issuing a warning regarding a business email compromise scam that has hit this office, and maybe others.
The phishing email appears to be coming from BBB’s CEO Blair Looney asking for a payment to be sent out from our HR department. One closer look shows that the email has spoofed Looney’s name, and is actually coming from a scammer.
This scam email hit our offices earlier this morning:
A business email compromise scam typically involves spoofed email instructions that appear to be coming from a high-ranking company official, like the CEO.
The phishing email will instruct an employee or someone from the HR department to wire/initiate payment, or provide sensitive information like an employee’s W2 form.
This scheme targets a wide variety of businesses, from large and small corporations and businesses, to nonprofit groups.
BBB offers up the following tips to avoid falling victim to this phishing scam.
  • Carefully inspect all email requests for fund transfers, payments, sensitive employee information, etc to determine if they are legitimate or not. You can hover your mouse over the name, or click “reply” to ensure the email address is actually from someone in your office or a part of your company.
  • Be wary of free, web based email accounts as these are more susceptible to being hacked.
  • Know the habits of your employer, employees and customers. If they ask for payment or information usually one way and you receive an email asking for a different way, proceed with caution.
  • Be suspicious if you are being pressured to take action quickly, and in secret.
If you have any questions about this new phishing email going around, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-675-8118, or email us at

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