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Breathmobile® Coming To Morgan Kincaid

Toby Polinger, a member of VVNG, posted the following. “I’d like to share something really cool if you are a parent of a child with asthma. Adelanto school district has voted & approved the Breathmobile®. The Breathmobile® is a free program (it doesn’t matter if you have insurance). It will be at Morgan Kincaid Prep on 5-28-13.

Any child with asthma is welcome & these wonderful people will help your child’s life change for the better. They will actually help with preventative care. They also will not ask you how much money you make. These are wonderful, kind, and true professionals. Their phone number if your interested is 909-213-3341.” BreathmoblieAnimation

“The Breathmobile® is a 33 ft. Winnebago RV outfitted with the latest equipment to function as a mobile asthma clinic. Inside the van, there are an intake station, a small waiting space, a testing area for vital signs including Oximetry, allergen skin testing and spirometry, and an exam room.
On board are two computer systems, a health risk assessment system for asthma, a screening module for pre-diabetes, and a state of the art electronic medical records system called “AsmaTrax.” A video system is also on board to play educational videos and CDs.”
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“There are now eleven Breathmobiles® throughout California serving nearly 300 elementary, middle, high schools and several comprehensive health clinics. The Breathmobile® has also been replicated in 3 other cities including Phoenix, Baltimore and Mobile, Alabama. Each Breathmobile® visits approximately 25 school sites and returns every 6-8 weeks to provide continuous asthma care. The Breathmobiles® treat more than 5,000 children a year throughout California and has a goal to enter about 1000 new patients per year according to AAFA (Asthma & Allergy Foundation Of America California Chapter).”

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