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Boy with Special Needs Shown Act of Kindness By Kids at Easter Event



Angel, 12, was ecstatic when another boy placed an egg in his bag that began a ripple effect of kindness from other kids.

APPLE VALLEY, Calif. ( A mother was brought to tears after a young boy’s random act of kindness sparked a chain reaction.

Meler-Lesnikowski Ejtneirt and her son with special needs, Angel, age 12, participated in the Sharon Frazier Annual Easter Egg Hunt Hosted by the Apple Valley Optimist Club at the James Woody park. 

Ejtneirt says she was brought to tears when a young boy picked up an egg and placed it in her son’s basket.

“This little boy just saw another kid struggling and reached out to help without a second thought,” Ejtneirt said.

The small gesture shown by the boy began a ripple effect that proves kindness is contagious.

“Other kids then began putting eggs in his bag, I’ve never experienced such kindness and love from other kids,” Angel’s mother said.

Ejtneirt said her son, who has been on home hospital for most of the year because of health issues, was ecstatic when he saw how many eggs he had.

“It was so nice because a lot of times kids find his wheelchair intimidating, but this boy showed us all how it should be each and every day. It shouldn’t matter if you’re differently abled, can’t talk, can’t walk, purple, green, white or blue. We are all going through our own obstacles every day,” she said.

Ejtneirt was so grateful for the boy and other children who showed extreme kindness towards her son.

“I have no idea who his parents are (there was so much going on and it happened so unexpectedly), but I am sure I don’t need to tell you how proud to be of the young man you are raising. Please hug him for us,” she wrote in a post in the Victor Valley News group.

One thing she hopes people take away from this is that it’s ok for other children to go up to those with special needs and talk to them.

Small things like that make a world of a difference in people’s lives.

Angel, age 12, was filled with joy after receiving a random act of kindness .

Angel, age 12, was filled with joy after receiving a random act of kindness .