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Body Located off of Hinkley Road Identified

BARSTOW-( A decomposed body of a female located in the riverbed area near Hinkley Road by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department helicopter on Friday, July 10, 2015 has been identified.

According to the San Bernardino County Coroner’s Department, the body has been identified, by family, as 47-year-old Evangeline “Vangie” Chavez.

Her sister reported last seeing the woman in the Barstow area on June 28th at a family gathering. At the time she was taking the June 25th death of her father really badly. The woman, who had numerous health problems was described by family as “distraught” prior to her disappearance.

The two-week long search came up with little to no clues until a vehicle, similar to her brother’s vehicle was spotted by the riverbed area by a search and rescue helicopter. The family of Chavez reported her missing on July 2 four days after she was not seen or heard from. Chavez’ body, which was identified by family by her tattoos, was found inside of a 1996 Nissan 200 SX.

At this time, no foul play is suspected as the body showed no signs of injury. Based on preliminary evidence, it appeared that Chavez’ vehicle got stuck in the riverbed. The cause of death is still to be determined, but authorities say they believe it was natural. An autopsy will be performed to find the cause of death and to scientifically identify the body.

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