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BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Opens Today

VICTORVILLE-(VVNG.com): Almost daily since the summer 2015 announcement of the BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse coming to Victorville residents eagerly asked for an opening date. Although there were some recently very busy VIP “preview” days, the restaurant’s public opening is set for today at 11 a.m.

The 7500 square foot restaurant is located at 11600 Amargosa Road, on the southeast portion of the Walmart and Lowe’s shopping center near Dunia Road.

Restaurant go-ers are expecting the excitement of this long-awaited arrival to the community to keep the restaurant full of customers, possibly making wait times extended.

The good news is that the restaurant has an mobile app, giving patrons the chance to put their name on the list allowing them to wait from the comfort of their home.

The app also allows patrons to order in advance if they so choose, with the order going straight to the kitchen staff when the app user is seated. Rewards are also offered for returning customers and there is a mobile pay option available.

BJ’s, known for their comfort foods and award-winning handcrafted beers was founded in 1978 under the name of Chicago Pizza. They now own and operate over 160 restaurants all under the BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse name.


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