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Bible Baptist Church pastor to end long-term tenure in Victorville

Pastor Bob Counts of Bible Baptist Church in Victorville is retiring November 3, 2019 as Senior Pastor.

VICTORVILLE—The number 55…maximum freeway speed limits used to be 55 miles per hour until 1995. Some consider a senior citizen a person age 55. But 55 is a special number for Senior Pastor Bob Counts at Bible Baptist Church in Victorville.  

After serving 55-years in the ministry, Pastor Counts is retiring as pastor and turning the reigns of Senior Pastor to his son, Joel Counts, whom the church called to be the next pastor several years ago.

To put in perspective how long ago Pastor Bob began in the ministry, consider that:

  • In 1964 the Alaska earthquake became the most powerful earthquake recorded in North American history,
  • The Ford Mustang was introduced, 
  • Gasoline prices were 25 cents, and
  • The average American home cost about $20,983.

Pastor Bob is both an ordained minister and a pastor, whose role is expected to be able to perform the duties of a minister.  

To say that Pastor Bob has seen a lot during his time as a minister would be an understatement.  He has served as a pastor at churches in Clarksville, Arkansas; Springdale, Arkansas; Rowland Heights, California and for the past 23-years at Bible Baptist.

The Counts family has a long heritage of pastors…Pastor Counts’ grandfather was a pastor, among his nine siblings he has three brothers who are pastors, and he has two sons who are pastors…not to mention that his sister is married to a pastor—and he has a nephew who’s a pastor!

When asked what made him go into the ministry, Pastor Bob said “I felt the call of God to the ministry as a teenager, I began preaching at 19 years of age and God’s call to pastor was just an automatic knowledge of the leading of the Holy Spirit”.

 “On average only 10-percent of pastors who enter the ministry retire,” according to Joel Counts, son of Bob and Co-Pastor at BBC.  “Our church is unique in that with Pastor Bob’s retirement we will have four retired ministers among our 1,200 church members.”

Bible Baptist Church, a part of Victorville since 1962 is an independent, fundamental church that desires to help people find family, not only to know what it means to be a part of the family of God but to form life-changing friendships in its church family. Once a person becomes part of the family of faith the church has another passion, to encourage each person in the journey of following Jesus.

Pastor Bob said that the reason he’s chosen to retire now is that he “sensed that now is the Lord’s timing for himself, Pastor Joel Counts, and the future of our Bible Baptist church family.”

Don’t forget to set your clocks back, and come to the retirement service for Pastor Bob on Sunday, November 3, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. The church is located at 12626 First Avenue in Victorville, between Nisqualli Road and Silica Drive.

For more information about Bible Baptist Church and its various ministries and service times visit online at, or call (760) 241-7876.

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