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Beauty and the Backpacks

Ahhhhh a “spa day”…these two words evoke visions of pampering….Massages, facials, backpacks, waxing, hair, vendors, makeup, crayons, the cupid shuffle….WAIT…WHAT??

Yes you read that right

Mix an awesome fundraiser for a back to school supply drive and spa services – and you get PAMPERMECON 2013!

ExecuDeeVa in association with Gifts 2 Help & Kid 2 Kid Closet put on a fantastic event at the Victorville fairgrounds this past Saturday.  With the goal in mind in August to provide backpacks filled with school supplies to children in the High Desert who might otherwise go without on their first day, this event started the ball rolling for an incredibly charitable cause.

Well over 800 women (and a handful of brave men) were primped and pampered by the likes of J Michaels Salon & Spa as well as April Love Pro Beauty Academy. J Michaels provided salon services at DEEP discounts, and April Love was doing full on glam makeup and hair styling for tips.

Johanna Santore was very happy at the event “It’s my 32nd wedding anniversary” she said as I spoke to her while she was having her hair styled. “I’m going to meet my husband right after this for dinner!”

During the peak time of day, the wait in line was almost two hours for these major services – but as several of the participants mentioned, “It was well worth the wait!”

You weren’t standing in line bored though, that’s for sure. Dale the DJ Dude was on hand providing great upbeat music you could dance to….and dance they did! They had line dances and games where you pretty much made a fool of yourself, but MAN it was fun!  Two energetic older women, Sue Kim & Dee, were schooling us in the art of line dancing.

Yes, even this left handed uncoordinated reporter was out there doing the Macarena in hopes to win a prize.  Every half hour there was SOMETHING to win…Deena L. Rice (the ExecuDeeVa herself) kept everyone’s attention and really made the event fun!

Deena did get serious for a bit though when we sat down to talk about the cause behind the event.

“We were truly blessed with so many wonderful people who came forward to help us with this event.


Photo: Nina Hart
Photo: Nina Hart

Though the event was fun and exciting we do just want to remind everyone that there is a very important cause behind this event. It is very important that everyone realizes how crucial it is for young school children to have the basic necessities to attend school.

What some take for granted as they go school shopping for their children to buy new wardrobes, shoes, back packs, pencils, paper, etc… Other families have to choose food, keeping the lights on, keeping a roof over their children’s head. Therefore these children are forced to start school with no new clothes, no back packs, etc;  they fall behind in school and may feel not as good as the other students.

We want everyone to have the best chance possible to get a good education and feel good about themselves.”

Kids were even considered when it came to the event. Free child care was provided by Little Giggles Child Care so moms could enjoy their spa experience – and the kids weren’t left out of the spa experience either – oh no! All the little angels had the opportunity to have their nails done, feet soaked and even made their own sugar scrubs and lip glosses thanks to the great women of Spoil Me Rotten Parties. While covering the event my daughter had the works – she walked out of there a painted up lil diva. She made me take her out to dinner to show off!

Luckily, while at the event this mommy/reporter got an ahhhhhhh moment herself. 4 D College was offering three different types of massages. I opted for a chair massage at the end of the day and WOW.

The event coordinators really covered their bases. In addition to everything, there were some great vendors there. Several were health related, Hands of Health Chiropractic gave a spinal screening, Bright Futures Mobile Clinic was there to teach participants about breast health & RadNet was offering free mammogram appointments to uninsured women who qualified.

They didn’t forget some women’s shopping gene either! Oragami Owl, London Bridge, Tupperware, Arbonne, Silpada, Scentsy, Mary Kay, Color Me Makeup, It Works, Perfectly Posh, Gold Canyon all participated as well as some extra services like Snow Orthodontics, American General Life, Vacation Village & Town & Country Limo.

Nina Photography by Hart provided the event photography as well as advertising her services for pin up photography and other events. I recently used her services for her pin up work, which turned out amazing. I’m REALLY glad she didn’t catch me on the dance floor trying to pop someone else’s balloon tied to their leg at this event!pampermecon45

Although the event is over, the fund raising continues. The event put a dent in their goal, but they aren’t there yet. They want to help as many kids as possible. You can still help!

Online auctions of great products and services will be offered through Victor Valley News Group on Facebook the rest of the month – if you aren’t a part of the group, JOIN! You don’t want to miss out!

Monetary donations to help fund the purchase of items they are unable to collect through donations can be sent via their website atWWW.PAMPERMECON.INFO . Donations of school items, backpacks, note books, paper, pencils, scissors etc…can be arranged by contacting either Deeana at or Amy at If you are interested in vending or participating in future events, like the supply give away or their upcoming family fundraising event “Christmas Miracles” in November – they can be contacted at those addresses as well.

Article contributed by: Megan Minier

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