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Barstow Man Wants to Warn E-Cigarette Users of Possible Dangers

BARSTOW-( A Barstow man suffered 2nd degree burns to his arm, side and hand after his e-cigarrette battery exploded. On the evening of September 3rd, A male, who wishes to remain anonymous heard a sound coming from his e-cigarette that was in his pocket. He pulled it out of his pocket and it noticed that it was hot.

The China made Cartel MXJO 26650 rechargeable battery, purchased from a vape shop in Apple Valley on June 9th, 2015 exploded sending pieces through the wall, which according to the anonymous male began to smoke.

“There were pieces threw out my hallway and blood on the walls. I couldn’t feel my hand or my side,”said the male. He continued to describe how the “mod” continued through the wall, into the pantry, through a can of soup and finally stopped after hitting a can of corn.

He was taken to Barstow Community Hospital for treatment of burn injuries to his hand, arm and side. The burns were treated with pain reliever and medicated cream. The anonymous male would like to spread the word to others that may still be using these products and would like to warn them that proper use of these is essential.

He says, “I love vaping, I was vaping again 5 minutes after this happened. I will not be stopping, this particular model of this brand could have been made differently making the it less dangerous for those using it.” He admits the mistake of not adjusting the firing pin, but also feels the mistake would have had much less of an impact if the Cartel Mods had vents. He believes if they were made with the vents, he may have had battery acid on his hands, but he does not believe it would have exploded.

Despite this accident, the anonymous male strongly supports all local vape shops, he said to all his vaping friends, “vape on and vape safe.”

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