Barstow man, 31, dies following fiery car crash into a home

BARSTOW, Calif. ( A 31-year-old Barstow man has died after his vehicle crashed into a home and burst into flames, officials said.

Calvin Fields was pronounced dead at the scene after emergency crews responded to the residence in the 1300 block of Mirage Drive on Wednesday, December 5.

At about 2:55 pm, Officer Allen with the Barstow Police Department arrived on scene and observed the vehicle, a 2003 Buick SUV inside the residence and both the car and structure were on fire.

Despite efforts to locate the driver in the vehicle, officer Allen was forced to retrieve due to the fire being to ‘powerful’.

“Once firefighters from the Barstow Fire Protection District extinguished the fire they located the driver in the vehicle. The driver succumbed to the fire and was pronounced deceased at the scene,” stated a news release.

Through investigation officers learned SUV was traveling eastbound on Rimrock Road when it suddenly veered into opposing lanes of traffic. The vehicle continued traveling along the sidewalk crashing thru a chain link fence and eventually into the wood fence surrounding the home on Mirage Drive. The vehicle stopped after crashing into the residence.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation. Anyone with information may contact Officer Michael Allen at the Barstow Police Department 760-256-2211.

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