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Barstow High School Graduation 2019

Article by: Anna Kuchison

BARSTOW, Calif. — The 2019 Barstow High School graduation took place May 30th at 7:00 pm on Langworthy field.

As the sun set on the windy Thursday evening the audience of over four thousand watched as 308 students received their high school diplomas and three valedictorians, two salutations, the Student Body President, and the Senior Class President made memorable and impactful speeches.

The three Valedictorians Elle Lavichant, Blaine Schiele, and Heather Shipley spoke of appreciating people, opportunities and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Elle Lavichant talked about the challenge of moving to a new language and thanking her teachers and family members who took to help her learn the new language, supported her, and worked hard to give great opportunities.

Blaine Schiele talked about the friends, family, and teachers who impacted him through his life and high school career and how they shaped him into the person he is today.

Heather Shipley talked about overcoming a severe back injury and how the experience taught her to fight hard and not give up. The two salutatorians kept it short but sweet using the time to thank friends and family.

Senior class president Madison Enriquez who is also track runner delivered a powerful and resonating speech comparing the four years of high school to the four laps in a mile.

Student body president Desire Bryant compared life to a marathon as she reminded her fellow classmates to always push on towards the finish line.

Then first time principle Vince Williams made the final speech in which he joked about how on his graduation day he looked forward to a life beyond high school. Beyond being at school, living on a bell schedule, and answering to teachers and administrators and now thirty-eight years later he is still at school, living on a bell schedule, and answering to teachers and administrators but he wouldn’t trade it for the world. Finally, it was time for the graduates to receive their diplomas.

After the ceremony was finished the new graduates to pictures with friends and family before promptly boarding a bus to Six Flags. Celebrating their first night in the real world.

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