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Barstow High School class of 2019 prepare for the big day

Writing contributed by Annie Kuchison

BARSTOW, Calif. ( — It is that time of year at Barstow High School again. The time of year when Barstow Aztecs will wear their red and gold and show their Aztec Pride. 

The Barstow High School graduation is not only a big deal for the graduating Students at Barstow High School, but for the community of Barstow as a whole.

The High School graduation means a new generation of productive adults entering into the community. The Ceremony kicks off at 7PM, Thursday, May 30th, on Langworthy Field.  Over 4000 ticketed guests will witness what has been thirteen years in the making.

 “We are very proud.”  Says first-year Principal Vince Williams, “We have an amazing group of seniors. I’m honored to be a small of their High School graduation.  

Senior Class President, Madison Enriquez has been planning this as though it were the final leg of a marathon. On the preparation of events, Brienne Vega, Secretary of Activities relates that “Everyone has a job to do and as long as everyone does their specific job things go very smoothly.” From security to weather, everything is taken into consideration.

Last week, graduates visited their elementary schools; a newer tradition gaining popularity. The BHS for the procession will be led off by the Daisy Chain: a group of Juniors who are selected earlier in the year, who will set the tone of the ceremony, carrying the floral arches and accouterments.

Traditionally, Barstow High School has four students giving speeches; The Valedictorian who has the highest G.P.A.; the Salutatorian who has the second highest G.P.A;  The Student Body President, and the Senior Class President.

This year Barstow High School has ten possible candidates for Valedictorian: Ryan Packer, Blaine Schiele, Heather Shipley, Lorena Cuellar, Elle Lavechant, Candy Herrera, Leialli Kamel, Riley Garrett, Alexis Sixtos, and Desiree Bryant. Bryant is both an academic candidate for honor as well as the Associated Student Body President. The final selection will be announced at graduation practice on Thursday.

Graduation is preceded by two significant events: The Senior Class Luncheon and Senior Sunset. Of the Tuesday luncheon catered by Los Domingo’s, BHS parent April Garrett said: “I like it because I get to see all my son’s classmates together one last time… See some kids that we won’t be seeing for a while because everyone is leaving. It’s very nice. Leaving work and eating lunch with my son. It reminds me of lunch on the lawn from when my son was in elementary school.” 

The senior class has also planned a Senior Sunset for May 29th at 6:30 pm There will be an ice cream truck, taco truck, and an opportunity for the class of 2019 to have one last moment together before the big day arrives.

Elementary School Visits: Photos by Patty King, Renee Gonzales, and Kammie Paolini
Elementary School Visits: Photos by Patty King, Renee Gonzales, and Kammie Paolini

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